Monday, September 13, 2010

Time In

Often the world around us sends a message that when the going gets tough, we need a time out. Whether it be commercials for tired parents, who need a vacation from it all or mainstream parenting books that insist that a trouble child certainly needs a time out to regain their composure (or more honestly behave the way the parent would prefer).

Recently, through my own tough moments, I have begun to recognize that time ins actually work much more smoothly to restore peace. Time in connection with my children fills me up and reminds me just why I want to spend some much time with them. Time in connection with my children heals the places with in me that perhaps were undernourished.

Time in one on one relationship with each of my children feeds a need with in us both to blossom and grow in our awareness of one another. Time in relationship with my partner heals the rushed moments and unthoughtful comments that have passed between us in hurried interactions.

Time in reflection with myself restores my commitment to live fully, joyfully, respectfully, lovingly and passionately.

1 comment:

  1. This is really well said, Shannon.

    Although I do find time outs to be an effective way to teach small children that some things are not allowed (i.e. a one minute time out for a 3 year old who hits their infant sibling), I do agree that many parents (including me!) often rush to conform their child into the "behaving" category when in reality their child is just desperate for some of that "time in" you speak of.

    If we as parents could spend more time "in" with our kids, we'd have a lot less need for time "outs", I bet.

    Same can be said for relationships -- you really hit the nail on the head. :)