Friday, September 17, 2010

In the eyes of my child

.. I see more deeply who I was once

.. I see more clearly who I want to become

.. I see more love then my heart can hold

.. I see more compassion then I have experienced

.. I see more possibility then I have known

Sometimes life gets busy in the doing and being and the exploring that I forget to stop and do some seeing. And by that I mean more clearly probably gazing. You know the kind of gazing where all you feel and see is the pure brilliance of the object of your affection.  I do adore those moments when something halts me and I simply stop and gaze at one of my children. In those moments all I see is pure love and possibility.

They often turn to me with that sort of "what are you lookin' at?" look on their face and sometimes they even say "what?" in a slight irritated way and I just say, "oh I'm just lovin' you up." And the day moves on.

The secret really is, that sure the lovin' them up likely gives them a feeling of security in the world, a trusting that all will be well and the sort. But I think I really do get a lot more out of it then they do !! I get filled up, filled up to brimming over and then I take that extra and I spread it around. Some times it even lands on an unsuspecting stranger who might, just might have been having a less then perfect moment.

Dare ya, to take a few moments today and gaze adoringly at someone you love like crazy, just to see what happens. I think the world could possibly be better for it !

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